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Welcome to Ickysticky
Hi people!
Today we found an issue on our page that did not send emails to us when using the pages contact form or the return request on the page. So basically if you have tried to contact us in any way through the page and did not get any answer, please contact us again so we can help you.

We are sorry if this issue has given you any problems but we have fixed the issue now and the pages should work as normal.

Ickysticky Crew

We are an Online Headshop in Scandinavia, offering Smoking Accessories such as bongs, pipes, Vaporizers and much more. We stock the finest bongs from many parts of the world. We got MGW & Pure Glass from the West side of the world and plenty of beautiful bongs from Europe such as SNOB, RooR, Ehle, G-Spot, Weed-Star, Blaze and much more.
When you purchase from Ickysticky you will get value for your cash.

About us
Ickysticky is a swedish headshop, focused on becoming the leader in seeds and smoking accessories and to give all our customers an option to purchase for resonable prices with a fast delivery.
Like us on facebook and recieve special offers, new products & promotions, or discount codes that you can use on the site.


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